Training side

For 20 years, training has been an integral part of our activity and contributes to the success of our cycling team. Not just from a sporting perspective – it is the case that riders from our training centre have written some of the finest chapters of our pro team’s history, but also on a human level.

Athletes who “grow” together within the training set-up form the mutual-aid-inspired driving force of the professional group, bringing a unifying spirit, the key contributor to performance.

Since 2017, two teams have made up our training section, U23 and U19. We are committed to constantly improving the section’s programme, involving several challenges: the well-being of the athletes, the development of cycling and, of course, the success of our sporting endeavour.


“Working today to have better choices in the future!” This has been our modus vivendi for 20 years, and we have never deviated from it.
A unique model worldwide, Chambéry Cyclisme Formation allows the best French and international hopefuls to avoid having to choose between high-level sport and the pursuit of higher education. Today, the school and university success rate is on 79% (for an average higher education level of 2 years after secondary school) and the rate of access to a professional occupation is on 40%.
The model is a reference of its kind, and this year’s unsolicited applications came from 20 different countries and 4 different continents.
It is a great source pride for AG2R CITROËN TEAM to support this great scheme and to welcome its most promising riders.
Benoît COSNEFROY and Nans PETERS have thrilled us this year – who will be next?

Loïc Varnet
General manager C.C.F.


“For 12 seasons, the AG2R CITROËN TEAM Junior team based in Voiron (38) has supported and trained future cycling talents, in the Junior category, while respecting the dual sporting and educational project (100% success in exams).

In line with the values of the professional team, the structure has supported more than 132 riders, 23 of whom went to professionals such as Nans Peters, Geoffrey Bouchard, Clément Venturini and Damien Touzé. In 12 seasons, 12 major titles including the last French Junior Champion, Romain Grégoire.”

Alexandre Chenivesse
Team Manager U19