Nans Peters

 French – All-Rounder
Date and place of birth : March 12th, 1994 in Grenoble (Isère / France)
Height : 1m77 / Weight : 72kg
Turned pro in 2017
In the AG2R CITROËN TEAM since 2017
Professional wins: 2




  • Your nickname : the penguin ou l’Ours du Vercors
  • Your favorite race : the Grands Tours
  • Your best memory on bike: Tour du Valromey Junior 2012
  • Your worst memory on bike: my femur fracture on the Tour de l’Avenir 2015
  • The Club where you started cycling: US Jarrie Champ Cyclisme
  • Your hobbies: mechanics, spending time with friends and cross-country skiing
  • Music you like: Electro Dance Music
  • If you were a movie: Prison Break
  • I you were a dish : the croziflette
  • If you had to practise another job, which one? Bike designer or mechanics
  • Something that is dear to you: the distinctive jerseys that I won on races
  • Your qualities: hard worker, “a bon vivant”, optimist, realist, persevering, easy to get on with
  • Your defaults: sometimes a little bit too stubborn




  • Stage winner, Tour de France
  • 2nd on a stage, Tour Cycliste International du Var et des Alpes Maritimes
  • 4th on a stage, Vuelta a España
  • 9th Faun Ardèche Classic


  • Stage winner, Giro d’Italia / 8th on a stage / Wore the white jersey (best young rider overall classification)
  • 3rd Pre-Olympic Event in Tokyo
  • 3rd Paris-Chauny
  • 3rd Gran Piemonte
  • 5th Trofeo Laigueglia
  • 9th overall, Route d’Occitanie / 10th on a stage
  • 9th G.P. Cycliste de Montréal
  • 10th on a stage, Tour du Haut Var


  • 2nd and 8th on stages, Tour de l’Ain / 5th overall
  • 4th on a stage, Vuelta a España
  • 13th overall, Vuelta a Andalucia – Ruta del Sol
  • 14th Chrono des Nations


  • 16th overall, Tour du Doubs
  • 24th Classic Sud Ardèche – Souvenir Francis Delpech
  • 25th Tro Bro Leon


  • Winner La Durtorccha
  • Stage winner, Tour de l’Ardèche Méridionale
  • Winner at Chamoux-sur-Gelon
  • 2nd overall, Boucles de l’Artois / 2nd on a stage
  • 2nd on a stage, ZLM Roompot Tour
  • 3rd overall, Tour du Jura / 2nd and 3rd on stages
  • 3rd Etoile d’or
  • 13th overall, Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour


  • Winner of two stages, Tour de l’Ardèche Méridionale
  • Winner Transversale des As de l’Ain
  • 2nd on a stage, Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux
  • 2nd G.P. du Pays d’Aix
  • 3rd Amateur French National Championships
  • 3rd U23 French National ITT Championships
  • 4th overall, Tour de l’Ain
  • 4th amateur French National ITT Championships
  • 4th U23 Ronde van Vlaanderen
  • 7th on a stage, Tour de l’Ain


  • Winner Prix de Coligny
  • Winner of cyclo-cross de Pierre Chatel
  • Winner of cyclo-cross in Taland
  • 2nd Circuit du Viaduc – Le Ponthou
  • 3rd U23 French National ITT Championships
  • 3rd Boucles de la Marne
  • 4th Piccolo Giro di Lombardia
  • 6th overall, Tour du Pays de Gex Valserine

2013 (Chambéry Cyclisme Formation)

  • Winner of a stage, Tour du Beaujolais
  • Winner Tour d’Issoire et ses Côteaux
  • Winner Prix de Corveissiat