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2021: a new year, and new ambitions for the cycling team.

And a joint project: it is with great pleasure that we welcomed CITROËN, an iconic and popular brand, and a symbol of French excellence in the automotive industry, as a partner on January 1st this year. We immediately made bold choices together, both in recruitment and designing the new top, which symbolises our goal of shared victories, our alliance and our solidarity.

And to stay with the themes of training: winning of course starts with the recruitment of riders who share our state of mind and our values. We want our victories and our team to mark the sport for some time to come, which is why we supported Vincent Lavenu in creating a training section since its very beginnings 20 years ago, because we share his vision in this matter. The section detects talents, trains them, makes them grow and helps them prepare their future. This echoes AG2R LA MONDIALE’s DNA: we support our policy-holders by giving them the best tools to allow them to take control of their futures.

The future, with new ambitions: in 2021, the team has new projects on the classic races of the North. As their biggest fans, all of the Group’s employees and corporate team support it 100% in this new dynamic.

André Renaudin – General manager of AG2R LA MONDIALE



A new sporting adventure for CITROËN

We are absolutely thrilled to get our partnership with AG2R LA MONDIALE and Vincent Lavenu’s cycling team under way; is the first step of making the dream of an extraordinary adventure come true.

We have engaged with this project with great passion, humility and energy. We began to sketch out a story depicting a meeting of people and their passions: Vincent Lavenu’s team, which has built a unique reputation in cycling over a period of 30 years, AG2R LA MONDIALE who have sponsored the sport for over 20 years, and finally Citroën and its fabulous history of innovation, daring, and proximity to its customers.

The Citroën brand promotes the idea of being side-by-side with its audience, but also the values of effort and going above and beyond. Our venture into cycling is part of this alignment of shared values with our partners. We are confident that the team will defend the French flag tooth and nail. Training young hopefuls to help them prepare for their future and recruiting talent both nationally and internationally are all elements that reinforce our confidence and our vision for the bright future of the AG2R CITROËN TEAM.

Vincent Cobée – General manager of CITROËN